IBFIM: First FAA training provider

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FAA through its rigorous assessment of the quality of learning programmes provided by IBFIM concludes that the eight learning programmes meet the minimum standards stipulated in the FAA Learning Criteria (FLC) which conforms to the FAA Quality Framework (FQF) as well as industry requirements.

Essentially with the accreditation, the accredited learning programmes have met international best practices and benchmarks, resulting in the increase of knowledge and skills base of the FSI practitioners undertaking these learning programmes.

Employers will now have full confidence in the quality of the learning programme outcomes delivered by IBFIM.

The high quality standards in the accredited learning programmes assessed by FAA sets IBFIM apart from the competitiveness of the industry, bringing the finance community the best in Islamic finance.

FAA also works with other industries in the Capital Market, Insurance and Conventional Banking to meet specific target to grow a vibrant economy by developing the workforce, providing them with skills base and lifelong learning opportunities for the FSI.


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