Expo 2020 win to increase electricity, water consumption by 20% per year in Dubai

Electricity and water consumption in Dubai is expected to increase by 20% as the emirate gears up to host Expo 2020, a senior official from Dubai electricity and water authority (Dewa) told Zawya in an exclusive interview.

Abdullah Al Hajri, Dewa executive vice-president – customer services, said: “Hosting the Expo 2020 is a big challenge for Dubai because more infrastructure will be built, requiring more water and electricity. The consumption between now and then would increase by 20% per year.”

“This is nothing new for us as we have faced similar situations in the past. In the last 10 years, the demand increased by 18% per year and we were able to face it. We have the ability to secure our finances for future requirements. In fact, currently, we have at least 20-25% spare capacity to meet the new challenge.”

Solar Energy
He said part of it will come from the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park, the first phase of which is already operational and will provide 13% of energy used in Dubai.

“Solar power will definitely add to this spare capacity and we are already tendering the 100 MW phase two of the project,” he revealed.

Dubai wants the production of solar energy to provide 1% of its total power output by 2020 and targets 5% by the year 2030 as per Dubai’s Integrated Energy Strategy 2030.
Energy Prices

Asked whether high demand would drive costs up and lead to an increase in pricing, Al Hajri said, “Energy prices are always restricted with fuel prices that go up and down. Our strategy is to use long time contracts and going by this we do not have any plans to increase prices in the near future.”


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