Emaan branches out in Pakistan

Pakistan’s Silkbank has launched Islamic banking division called Emaan Islamic Banking, with plans to create a wide branch network and offer up to date products, both in retail and consumer banking, integrated with the latest technology to capitalise on the potential of Islamic banking in the nation.

The Emaan Islamic Banking’s branch network expands across Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Abbottabad, Mardan and Quetta.

In a statement by the bank, it said the stemming of the branch network and availability of 78 online Silkbank branches across the country substantially enhance the reach of Emaan Islamic Banking services.

sahukatAdviser to Silkbank Chairman Shaukat Tarin, who is also former finance minister, has stated that the Islamic banking division focuses in attaining as much investments as possible as efforts to emerge as the next major player in the Islamic financial industry.

“This positive approach is reflected in the expeditious growth of its book size. Adorned with vibrant branding, Emaan Islamic Banking branches are making swift strides to captivate the Islamic banking industry in Pakistan,” he said.

Furthering his comments on the products and services offered by Emaan Islamic Banking, Silkbank Executive Director MA Mannan said the Islamic banking division offers a complete suite of liability-based products and services to clients.

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